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new A New Approach

A New Approach

to EMDR Equipment

Visual-Auditory-Tactile- Stimulation-in-One-Portable-Device

Visual, Auditory & Tactile Stimulation

in One Portable Device

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i-motion VTA packs the power of Visual, Auditory and Tactile stimulation into a portable, compact device that gives therapists unprecedented ease of use in EMDR therapy – an effective form of trauma treatment recommended by the World Health Organization.

i-motion VTA is:

i-motion VTA is the first light and portable EMDR Therapy device to incorporate visual stimulation which research shows has significant contribution to the outcome of EMDR therapy*.

Positioned on the patient’s knees, the device features a light bar that is long enough to facilitate the patient’s eye movements, pulser handles to deliver tactile stimulation, and a set of earphones for audio stimulation. Therapists can choose the best combination of sensory stimulation for each particular patient.

* William Lee, Christopher & Cujpers, Pim (2013). A meta-analysis of the contribution of eye movements in processing emotional memories. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 231-239

i-motion VTA was designed to optimize the therapeutic process and shorten treatment length through flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the patient.
It features a unique option for timing its operation, so therapists can focus on the psychological process rather than on technicalities.
Another unique feature is an on / off  button for the use of patients which provides them with a sense of control that puts them at ease and further accelerates healing.

i-motion VTA was developed by a team of EMDR experts under the leadership of Dr. Udi Oren.

Dr. Oren is an EMDR Institute and EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer who conducted EMDR trainings in 15 different countries around the world, as well as an experienced EMDR therapist with more than two decades of clinical experience.

This makes the i-motion VTA the first device ever to have been developed from within the community, with a deep understanding of the Therapist point of view, specifically from a clinical perspective. Trust imotion VTA – The therapists’ choice.

Auditory Stimulation

Dedicated headphones connected to the i-motion VTA provide timely-coordinated Auditory stimulation.

Visual Stimulation

Moving LED lights move from side to side of the i-motion VTA device at a selected speed and amount of time for a better and more exact EMDR therapy session


Remote control

Complete control over the client therapy session - remotely manage all stimuli with an easy to use configurable remote control

Tactile Stimulation

Rotating handles held by the client provide timely-coordinated Tactile stimulation

Download The i-motion VTA Manual